Each project begins with a comprehensive discussion to identify your needs, establish scope, and understand how you want your home to feel and function.


We develop a schematic or interior design, and collaborate with you to ensure every detail is perfect. This is a visual and tactile process, where your home’s design is refined.


After exploring your preferences, our team creates a visual concept of your home that will guide the construction, if building, and the overall design direction of your interiors project.


Our residential building design team facilitates all aspects of your home's construction in this stage. When it comes time for the interior design, our team installs all furnishings, art, and accessories for your home.


An extensive market research is carried out, to procure the best material suited for the project. 


The team at KDL works relentlessly to  ensures that every design and detail given on paper is carried out on site.


At Kay’s Design Lab, people in places is our game. We believe that the best spaces are truly individual and a reflection of you or your business. We strive to create thoughtful interiors that delight and inspire you on a daily basis, and we scour the globe to find you the most unique and beautiful pieces to enjoy for a life time. KDL values function, comfort, and beauty which we achieve through classic design practices and an artistic approach to composition.  Beginning with research and inspiration, we move through the stages of design to find you the most efficient, functional, and elegant solution, while adhering to practical measures such as budget and accessibility.  


342 Udyog Vihar, Phase-4, Gurugram

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